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Player Up


Player Up is a suite of consumer friendly ad experiences that provide an alternative to preroll and consists of 3 primary ad experiences:

  1. Bumper - Short 3-7 second, non-disruptive preroll video that sets the stage before quickly transitioning to the publisher video content
  2. Watermark - Consumer-friendly experience offering advertisers the opportunity to extend their brand’s exposure beyond preroll by displaying an interactive overlay during playback of publisher video content. The Watermark unit can also be interactive and may expand upon click/tap to reveal a suite of interactive content while pausing the underlying publisher content. Upon closing the expanded Watermark, publisher content resumes playback
  3. Pause - Advertisers have the option to incorporate subtle brand messaging each time the publisher video content is paused by the consumer


ONE Creative
Spec Classification: 
Rich Media
Spec Placement: 
ONE by AOL: Publishers - Video Activation Network
Z-Index Guidelines: 
Tablet Experience: 
Same as desktop
Third Party Serving: 

ONE Creative

Third Party Tracking: 
Submission Guidelines: 
  • Production Build: 7-10 business days w/ client approved assets
  • Mocks + Production Build: 15 business days
Key Creative Guidelines: 
Spec Details Bumper Watermark Pause
Art Size 960x540 240x135 500x400
Expanded Ad Dimensions   960x540  
File Type Video




Total File Size 1.1MB 200KB 100KB
Max Initial Load File Size 1.1MB 200KB 100KB
Max Animation Time 7 seconds 10 seconds  
Frames Per Second 30 fps recommended    


  • Video: MP4, MOV, or raw AVI format accepted. High resolution - 720p (1280x720), 1080p (1920x1080), or above. 16:9 aspect ratio preferred. Frame Rate of 30 fps preferred.
  • Logos: Corporate logos, corporate identity guidelines to be provided in the following format(s): Preferred: Illustrator (.ai) Accepted: Photoshop (.psd), .eps, .jpg / .tiff (300 dpi max).
  • Creative Assets: Key visuals, copy, tagline, to be provided in the following formats: Preferred: Layered Photoshop (.psd) Accepted: Illustrator (.ai), .eps, .jpg / .tiff (300 dpi max).
  • Fonts: Mac Format (.otf or .ttf).


  • Must include a clearly defined Resume button within the 500x400 area. Logo and tag line may be incorporated, no interactivity permitted.


  • Expansion is optional, but a clearly defined Close button must appear in the upper right hand corner of the Expanded Watermark Overlay.


Supported Countries: