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Mobile Pre-Roll and Outstream


Short form advertising via mobile devices and platforms  

Note: Currently serving on Apple and Android OS/devices   

Spec Classification: 
Spec Placement: 
Backup Image Submission Guidelines: 
Tag must always deliver either a primary experience or acceptable backup for instances when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (e.g. Flash, HTML5, JavaScript).
Z-Index Guidelines: 
Video File Type: 
Low Definition Renditions (LD MP4/h264 - Main) – Dimensions: 640x360; Video Bitrate: 600 kbit/s; Audio Bitrate: 96 kbit/s; Frame Rate: Same as source. If Frame Rate is not specified, it is 25 by default; Video Codec: h264; Profile: Main; Advanced Codec Options: cabac=off, ref=2, max-bframe=8, level=2.1; Audio Codec: aac; 2 Pass Encoding: Yes; Constant Bitrate: No; De–interlacing: Auto; Keyframe Period in Frames: ~25
Max Video File Weight: 
2 - 4 mb/m
Video Time Restrictions/Length: 
Video duration 30 sec max
Third Party Serving: 

Yes; VAST – Yes, must include a MP4/H264 rendition, VPAID – No

Third Party Tracking: 
Optional - Impression Start (0%): Yes; First Quartile (25%): Yes; Mid Quartile (50%): Yes; Third Quartile (75%): Yes; Completion (100%): Yes; Clicks: Yes
Submission Guidelines: 

5 business days Timeline dependent upon receipt of all assets

Key Creative Guidelines: 

3 creative rotations max per placement No companion banner Profile: Baseline Advanced Codec Options: cabac=off, ref=2, max-bframes=8 Audio Codec: aac 2 pass encoding: Yes Constant bitrate: No De-interlacing: Auto Keyframe period in frames: ~25