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Millennial Media Expandable Banner - Smartphone [3rd Party]


The expandable banner loads as a banner and expands to an interactive full-page ad unit when tapped. When collapsed (closed), it returns to the same content page and original banner size.

Spec Classification: 
Rich Media
Spec Placement: 
Millennial Media
File Type: 

Only ad units supplied by approved third party rich media vendors are accepted. Raw code files (HTML, JS, CSS, etc.) are currently not accepted 

Total File Size: 
500 KB
Max Initial Load File Size: 
150 KB
Max Animation Time: 
:15 Seconds max
Expanded Ad Dimensions: 
Portrait: 320x568 Landscape: 568x320
Third Party Serving: 


Key Creative Guidelines: 

3rd Party Served 
- All file size limitations apply to font, image, audio, and video files only. Javascript libraries delivered via a CDN are excluded from a file weight
- Only ad units supplied by approved third aprty rich media vendors are accepted. Raw code files (HTML, JS, CSS, etc.) are currently not accepted
- Use of high res images depends on capabilites of the vendor
- Content Safe Area only applies to fixed designs. Responsive design is encourage but dependent on the capabilities of the vendor
- For audience targeted campaigns please work with the rich media venor to implement ad choices icon

- Smartphone: iPhone, Android, iPod Touch

In-browser, In-app

Safe Content Area 
To consider button placements and varying screen sizes, constrain all necessary information into the provided safe content area when designing the end card. The space outside of the safe content area should act as a bleed that may be cropped into according to screen size. 

- Provided by 3rd party vendor


Supported Countries: