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Microsoft Float


The Float Ad grabs a user’s attention with a floating element that may animate and/or move across the page beyond the 300x250 or 300x600 initial ad unit.  The Float element is 200x200 pixels (or 40,000 square pixels of page content coverage) within the Float staging area of 1272x600 pixels.  The Float Ad has a frequency cap of once per user per day.  Host/auto initiated float is allowed per spec guidelines listed.

Available art sizes:

  • 300x250
  • 300x600

Supported properties:

  • MSN Homepage
    • Tier II, 300x250 Floating
    • Tier III, 300x600 Floating
  • MSN Verticals
Spec Classification: 
Rich Media
Spec Placement: 
MSN Homepage
Tier II (MSN)
Tier III (MSN)
File Type: 

HTML5 preferred

Back up image: GIF, JPG 300x250 or 300x600

Max Initial Load File Size: 
200 KB
Host Initiated Sub-Load File Size: 
300 KB
User Initiated File Download File Size: 
1.5 MB
Max Animation Time: 
:15 seconds total (:07 seconds floating; :08 seconds resolve)
Floating guidelines: 
  • The Float Ad will be cut off in 2-column view and 3-column view on the left. It is up to the Advertiser to ensure that the creative design elements such as Advertiser branding, logos, and CTAs are not positioned in the right 100 pixels if desired. In 4-column view (full screen), the Float Ad appears in full.
  • Click destination URL must open in a new browser. Note: If the user clicks on the Float staging area outside of the initial size ad creative, the Float element must click-to-close.  The transparent staging area cannot block end user interaction with page content.  No user interaction (including click-through) is allowed on the Float element.
Floating Host Max Animation Duration: 
:07 seconds
Backup Image Submission Guidelines: 
Back up image is required for instances when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (e.g. Flash, HTML5, JavaScript). Recommended file size 60K.
1x1 Black Border Required: 
Initial size ad creative must feature a 1 pixel border (gray [#666666] or black recommended, though any color that clearly distinguishes the ad from the content may be used).
Tablet Experience: 
If built in HTML5, rich media will extend to tablet
Dimensions of “Hot” Area/% Hotspotting: 
Microsoft does not require a limited hotspot dimension
Expand/Collapse Options: 
See key creative guidelines
Close Button Requirements: 
“X Close” button must be present in the Initial Ad creative when Float element is covering page content.
Max Video File Weight: 
Host initiated / User initiated: 2.2MB file weight for progressive
Host Initiated Video File Size: 
Required Controls: 
Play/Pause and Mute/Unmute button
Video File Type: 
Third Party Serving: 

US Market: 3rd party serving not accepted on MSN Homepage; vendors listed below accepted on Vertical and Article pages 
Other Markets: 3rd party serving accepted for Adform, Adgear, Admotion, Doubleclick, Eyereturn, Flite, Jivox, Sizmek, Weborama

Third Party Tracking: 
Frequency Cap: 
The Float Ad has a frequency cap of once per user per day
Submission Guidelines: 

Data Collection:

  • Microsoft permits advertisers to collect user-provided personal information (for example, through web forms embedded in ads). 
  • Advertisers may be required to modify ad units or provide additional disclosure in order to be acceptable for advertising on Microsoft sites. 
  • Advertisers wishing to collect personal information within advertisements (according to specifications above) must follow these guidelines: 
    • Clearly identify the organization
    • Provide link to privacy policy
    • Identify purpose for collection information
Key Creative Guidelines: 

Non-looping animation on rollover is permitted.


  • Audio on/off toggle button must be present at all times when sound is available
  • All ad audio must be muted or paused on click-through


  • MSN requires SSL ad serving
  • Both ads and tracking tags must be SSL compliant
  • Ads that are not SSL compliant will not be accepted
  • All 3rd party content must serve SSL (https) compliant ads

User-Initiated Expand/Float:

  • Microsoft Run of Network and/or MSN RON: Ads must Click to Expand and Click to Close
  • MSN: Ads may either Click to Expand and Click to Close or Rollover to Expand and Roll off to Close
Supported Countries: