Ad Specifications

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InContent Reveal


The InContent Reveal is a full width responsive ad unit that is renders between content as the user scrolls down the page.  Built in HTML5, this format will seamlessly display across desktop and tablet devices adjusting to best fit the screen size (full width x 400 on desktop and full width x 250 on tablet).

NOTE: Demo is for illustrative purposes only.  The position of the unit on the page will vary by site/pages. 

Spec Classification: 
Rich Media
Spec Placement: 
File Type: 


Total File Size: 
800K (includes initial, polite and support)
Backup Image Submission Guidelines: 
Tag must always deliver either a primary experience or acceptable backup for instances when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (e.g. Flash, HTML5, JavaScript).
Z-Index Guidelines: 
Tablet Experience: 
Extends to tablet
Close Button Requirements: 
Creative should not include a close button.
Video File Type: 
.mov or quicktime preferred
Third Party Serving: 

AOL Rich Media, Sizmek

Third Party Tracking: 
Submission Guidelines: 

10-15 business days from receipt of assets

Key Creative Guidelines: 

All other Creative Guidelines apply. 

Supported Countries: