Ad Specs: Guidelines

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The following AOL screens are prominent placements and are subject to additional ad quality guidelines and specifications. Please contact your AOL Advertising sales representative for details.

  • AOL Homepages offers custom rich media ad solutions with special specs and guidelines to protect the consumer experience. Please contact your AOL representative to learn more about available rich media ad opportunities.

  • Cambio main page

  • Search inventory
  • Email inventory (AOL Client & Webmail) - No pop-ups; additional restrictions apply
  • Screens that contain business transaction "funnels" (e.g., autos lead generations, travel transactions, etc), Interactive communication screens & personal set-up screens (e.g., IM) - No pop-ups; additional restrictions apply
  • Screens with partner exclusivities, retained strategic value and/or contractual requirements (e.g., Travel, Shopping, Money & Finance, etc)
  • AOL Shopping Main 300x250 lead promo (except during holiday season – 11/15 - 12/31 – and Seasonal events)
  • MapQuest (unless Advertiser has purchased a homepage MapQuest custom ad format)
  • AOL Technology sites: Engadget, Techcrunch, TUAW and Joystiq - No host floating or host out-of-banner allowed. (Please consult your AOL Sales rep for additional information.)
  • Huffington Post Front Page - Host initiatiated "Custom Rich Media" requires prior reivew.