Ad Specs: Guidelines

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Overall Positioning:

  • Ads should be clear, honest and sophisticated.
  • Normal colors and hues are preferred. Vibrating color changes, particularly neons, are not allowed.

Image & Background:

  • Background color should be different than screen background color, so as to provide visual distinction between the ad and page content.
  • Ad creative designs should be clean, clear and inviting.
  • Small logo, product or lifestyle illustration and/or photo is recommended.
  • Photos are preferred as opposed to icons or illustrations. All photos should be clear and appropriate to the message of the ad.
  • Logos should not be superimposed over the ad's images.

Text Format:

  • AP style is recommended.
  • Text should not consist of more than five visible lines at a time
  • Animations should allow sufficient time for all text to be read

Key Frame Backgrounds:

  • Viewpoint Media Player removes designated Flash backgrounds color from a .swf file and renders it transparent. Include a background color on a key frame animation. Eg, If the background color of a flash file is white, add a white square on a key frame sized to the movie's dimensions.


  • Embedded sound clips are not allowed.