Ad Specs: Guidelines

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These specifications apply to audio and video for banner assets only. Please see the specs found here for information on InStream, Transitional and Custom Video opportunities.

Format: Both True Steaming and progressive download are allowed. A functioning experience must be delivered to all environments.

File Size: Standard banner max file sizes apply. For progressively downloaded video from one of our Certified Vendors only, up to an additional 1 MB polite (Host) or 2.4 MB polite (User) is allowed.

Initiation: Host or user initiated on click.

Duration: 30 seconds max for standard banners; 15 seconds for floating.

Controls: Mute, Play and either Pause or Stop buttons are required.

Audio: User initiated on click or mouse-over. Mouse-over audio may only start after a one second delay and must stop upon mouse-off.

Frequency Cap: No frequency cap is required on banner Video with the exception of the AOL Welcome Screen and AOL .com Portal Homepage. Here there is a frequency cap of one host initiated video per user per day.