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AOL Advertising Specs, Guidelines and Policies - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are AOL Advertising "specs" and guidelines?
A: AOL Advertising specifications (specs) and guidelines are the approved technical requirements for all forms of online advertisements across the AOL network. AOL ad specs and guidelines encompass components such as file size, animation length, flash coding, creative guidelines, approved ad servers, etc. AOL ad specs and guidelines insure maximum performance of advertisements across the various platforms of the AOL network while maintaining the best experience for our users.

Q: Are AOL Ad Specs and Guidelines compliant with IAB standards?
A: Yes. AOL is a member of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). AOL's ad specs and guidelines are in line with the IAB's suggested online advertising standards and in many areas, exceed the IAB's general requirements. AOL strives to maintain ad specs and guidelines that provide a competitive advantage while preserving the user experience.

Q: Do AOL Ad Specs, Guidelines and Policies apply to AOL,, Ad Portal and other areas of AOL?
A: Yes. AOL's Ad Specs, Guidelines and Policies are "universally" applied across all platform/business areas of the AOL network. Special sections have been designated to indicate technical specification differences for Ad Portal, AOL Homepage, Video and Mobile that require unique functionality considerations beyond AOL O&O, .

Q: How should I proceed if a client would like to run an advertisement that falls outside of AOL's advertising specs & guidelines?
The sales lead should submit a Unified Request Form for Ad Spec/Policy Exceptions (URF) via URFs must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the launch of the advertisement's intended launch date. The Sales lead will be contacted via email by their regional Launch & Traffic manager with approval, denial or request for additional information. Review time of a URF varies based on the complexity of the exception request. Note: Submission of a URF should be considered a last resort for potential AOL advertisers.

Q: Where can a potential advertiser find AOL Advertising rates and general brand information?
A: Advertisers may visit the AOL Advertising site at: For ad rate inquiries visit:

Q: Who are the points of contact if I have additional questions?
A: Please complete the Contact form at: