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AOL Homepage Pushdown + 300x250 Banner


The Pushdown provides advertisers with the opportunity to own a unique above-the-fold, host-initiated execution. The Pushdown expands down and displaces content for a brief period upon page load. The difference between a Pushdown and a traditional expandable is that the content itself is displaced, not overlaid, with the advertising unit.  The Pushdown unit is 970x66 on  Both units have a host-initiated expand on first impression, with each subsequent impression expandable on user click.  The pushdown is sold in combination with a 300x250 banner.

Spec Classification: 
Rich Media
Spec Placement: 
AOL Homepage
Tier III (AOL)
File Type: 


Max Initial Load File Size: 
Host Initiated Sub-Load File Size: 
Max Animation Time: 
7 seconds; 15 seconds in-banner
Backup Image Submission Guidelines: 
Tag must always deliver either a primary experience or acceptable backup for instances when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (e.g. Flash, HTML5, JavaScript).
1x1 Black Border Required: 
Yes (should not blend in with page)
Z-Index Guidelines: 
Expanded Ad Dimensions: 
Direction of Expansion: 
Expand/Collapse Options: 
Expansion on host or user-click only. No expansion on mouseover or rollover.
Close Button Requirements: 
Mandatory close button upper right corner of expand creative
Video File Type: 
.mp4, .mov, .avi
Third Party Serving: 

AOL Rich Media only. 3rd party serving not accepted on AOL Homepage.

Third Party Tracking: 
Yes; U.S. requires secure tags only
Frequency Cap: 
1 per user per 24 hour period
Submission Guidelines: 
  • 15 days from receipt of assets
  • U.S. requires secure tags only
Key Creative Guidelines: 

Creative must visually resolve into the 970x66 / 770x66 upon close.
All standard Creative Guidelines apply.
All Technical Guidelines apply.