Ad Specifications

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AOL Homepage Make a Difference Module


Please note, copy must be sentence case and the Body Copy can only be one sentence. 

  • Subheader: 22 characters [including spaces, usually nonprofit name]
  • Body Copy: 70 characters [including spaces, must be complete sentence(s)]
  • CTA: 30 characters [including spaces, call-to-action]
  • Relevant Image: 75 x 75 px [cannot be a graphic or logo]
  • Click through URL [customized link so you can send follow up reporting]
Spec Classification: 
Content Module
Spec Placement: 
AOL Homepage
Backup Image Submission Guidelines: 
Tag must always deliver either a primary experience or acceptable backup for instances when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (e.g. Flash, HTML5, JavaScript).
Z-Index Guidelines: