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AOL Homepage Floating with Resolve


Rich media banner ad unit containing an associated graphic element. The associated graphic element may either "float" in an invisible layer on top of the page or it may be "tethered" to the banner ad unit often starting from, or resolving into, the banner.

Spec Classification: 
Rich Media
Spec Placement: 
AOL Homepage
Tier II (AOL)
File Type: 


Total File Size: 
500 KB
Max Initial Load File Size: 
200 KB
Host Initiated Sub-Load File Size: 
300 KB
Floating guidelines: 
  • Creative must be organic shape, not square or rectangle
  • Creative must visually resolve into 300x250
  • Ceative must move across the screen and may not persist or hover for longer than 1 sec on any given position on the page
  • Creative should not cover or extend into the area designated as "no fly zone"
Floating Host Max Animation Duration: 
25 seconds total (10 sec out-of-banner; 15 sec resolve)
Backup Image Submission Guidelines: 
Tag must always deliver either a primary experience or acceptable backup for instances when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (e.g. Flash, HTML5, JavaScript).
Z-Index Guidelines: 
Tablet Experience: 
Rich experience will extend to tablet
Close Button Requirements: 
Must have functioning, visible "close" button tangent to top right of creative
Third Party Serving: 

AOL Rich Media only. 3rd party serving not accepted on AOL Homepage.

Third Party Tracking: 
Accepted; U.S. requires secure tags only
Frequency Cap: 
1 per user per 24 hour period
Submission Guidelines: 
  • 10-15 days from receipt of assets
  • U.S. requires secure tags only