Ad Specifications

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Non-expandable extension of the desktop banner that has HTML5 animation and mobile capability, such as swiping, click-to-calendar, click-to-video, etc. Sizes: 728x90, 160x60 and 300x250

Spec Classification: 
Spec Placement: Network
File Type: 

Tag: HTML5/Javascript

Total File Size: 
200K (includes initial, polite and support)
Max Animation Time: 
15 seconds
Backup Image Submission Guidelines: 
Tag must always deliver either a primary experience or acceptable backup for instances when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (e.g. Flash, HTML5, JavaScript).
Z-Index Guidelines: 
Video File Type: 
.avi; .mov; .mp4
Third Party Serving: 

Desktop 3rd Parties who can run HTML5 campaigns

Third Party Tracking: 
Submission Guidelines: 

10-15 business days lead time for creatives