Online Shopping in Canada: How Seven Moments Are Shaping the Way Consumers Shop Online


Technology has empowered today’s consumer, who is more informed, knowledgeable and connected than ever before. In order to reach consumers with creative and compelling experiences, brands need a deeper understanding of how online shopping delivers on a varied set of needs.

In AOL’s latest whitepaper, Unconditional Shopping, marketers will learn about the 7 motivations driving all online shopping moments in Canada and how they empower brands to build digital campaigns that align with consumer needs. Marketers will also explore just how important it is to engage on an emotional level with online shoppers.

Key findings include:

  • Online shopping is emotional 58% of online shopping moments are driven by emotional needs.
  • There are seven motivations for online shopping. Consumers shop online to fulfil different needs, and jump from one moment to the next throughout the course of one week, or even one day.
  • Always-on shopping behaviour has changed the purchase funnel. Online shoppers are engaged every day even if they don’t intend on making purchases, making them more informed, empowered and connected at all times.
  • Shopping behaviour varies across generations. Millennials turn to online shopping to fulfil emotional needs more than any other generation.

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