Creative Will Catch up to User Expectations

Jan 6 2017

Creative Will Catch up to User Expectations

Today’s consumers are getting more control over their online experience than ever before. With investments being made in both areas of creative and tech, user expectations are finally being met with relevant ads and engaging formats. This personalized process leads to a true data-driven creative experiences.

But it’s important for brands to watch out for creative roadblocks, like poor targeting. End users will sense something phony about their online experience if the creative doesn’t resonate with them. These pesky roadblocks can be avoided with new programmatic-orientated platforms that optimize and execute dynamic ad experiences for consumers, allowing end users to feel included and giving brands the tools it needs to succeed.

According to a new study by AOL, about 50% of advertisers and publishers agree that “better quality creative” will be what drives digital video advertising forward in 2017.

See the trends shaping 2017 and learn how you can drive your video strategy forward.

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