NewFront 2016

NewFront 2016

AOL ACCESS is putting our open model in action with fresh video content and interactive experiences from The Huffington Post, the NBA, Complex and more. It's the NewFront you've always wanted.



Our new video lineup is made for mobile and enhanced by data for maximum engagement. Brought to you by the biggest brands and personalities in media, this content is ready to hit consumers on any screen.

Lean into the videos below and contact us to engage your audience.

Best Bites

In Best Bites, we’ll satisfy your food-selfie envy by serving up quick, beautiful videos featuring how-to’s for the at-home foodie, whose first stop when looking for inspiration isn’t a cookbook but rather Pinterest or Instagram.

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Candid Conversations

Candid Conversations features people of all ages, races, genders and demographics in a series centered around topical and culturally relevant subjects.

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Coach Snoop

Follow Snoop and his Snoop Youth Football League documenting the experiences of inner city youth and their opportunity to compete at the highest level of youth football. Meet the kids and coaches that form Snoop's squad and see a different side of Snoop.

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Kid Commentary

Commentary on the headlines featuring kids' responses to hot topics like "Who's the best basketball player of all time?" and "How much money do you think celebrities makes in a year?"

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Land the Gig

This series showcases funny fails in the workplace with the goal of teaching viewers what they could have done differently. Helpful takeaways include: body language to avoid, words you should never say, what not to put on your resume, and more.

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Why Didn't I Learn This In School?

This ten part series of financial planning lessons for millennials features topics like how to balance your budget, get insured, open a savings account, tip properly, and build credit. It’s all the financial advice you need, but were too afraid to ask.

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Election Explainers: Get Educated

In Election Explainers, the biggest issues of the 2016 Presidential Election are broken down in accessible and digestible ways. This series will inform and educate everyone from first-time voters to baby boomers about the hot-button topics of today.

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Beyond the Horizon: Season 2

The future: vast and uncertain, but forever fascinating. Academy Award winning actor, musician, director and entrepreneur Jared Leto focuses on the future of humanity with the world’s most interesting visionaries in science, art, technology and politics.

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Celebs Have Issues

Celebs Have Issues is a comedic commercial spoof series featuring celebrities talking about issues they care about. From politics and climate change to privacy and paparazzi, this is a powerful and very HuffPost-y way to combine entertainment with impact.

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Sustainable Self

How can I help the world, and how can I help my body? When I live in ways that are better for the environment, how can that help me? This series connects how the choices we make in our everyday lives can have big effects on the entire planet.

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The Zainab Salbi Project

Discover the voices behind the headlines. Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International and host of The Nida'a Show will travel the world to engage with people who are struggling, surviving, and thriving in the places you read about every day.

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Game Fnatic

GAME FNATIC is a docu-reality series that follows one of the most competitive eSports teams in the world, as they look for the next great gamer to join their pack. Watch five of the best amateur gamers engage in a series of extreme gaming competitions.

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World's Most Dangerous Unboxing

Last year, unboxing videos got more than 1 billion views...and that's before they were DANGEROUS! Now unboxings get exponentially more awesome when they're staged in insanely dangerous places, like a zero-G plane, the hood of a Ferrari, or a shark cage.

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Do you have a car you love? Have you had it for a lifetime? Do you want to send it off in the most explosive way possible? In every episode a clunker is blown up, driven off a cliff, crushed, catapulted or destroyed in another spectacular final send-off.

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Stars Selling Cars

Autoblog is putting the glamour back in… buying used cars? Watch celebrities hit the lot and try to sell cars to unsuspecting customers. From a car-loving athlete to a comedian who knows nothing about autos, our celebs use every trick to close the deal.

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Bitcoin: Digital Gold?

Bitcoin lit up the tech scene with its promise to sideline central banks, establish a global currency, and even bring world peace. Host and author Nathaniel Popper guides viewers through the evolution of the digital currency and what the future could hold.

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The Down Round

The Silicon Valley boom sent start-up valuations skyrocketing. As the tech world adjusted, layoffs hit and companies folded. What happens when an overvalued company fails and a city becomes unaffordable overnight? We look at the current state of Silicon Valley.

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Man vs. The Machine

Technology has catapulted AI (Artificial Intelligence) into everyday life, replacing humans in many areas. But are they better? In Man vs. The Machine, we’ll pit an average comedian against AI at tasks ranging from detecting sarcasm to identifying unripe fruit.

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The #MAKERSMen video series is built off the success of the MAKERS #MAKERSMen editorial/social franchise. Each episode will highlight a different man, who is either a self-described feminist or active in positively impacting women/women's rights.

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May 2 2016
In the News

Taking over New York’s South Street Seaport on Tuesday evening, AOL threw a carnival-like NewFront dubbed “Access” to showcase its commitment to online video, mobile and data. The company highlighted its scale vis-à-vis its nearly year-long tie-up with Verizon, plunging into tons of original video programming and new partnerships.

- MediaPost, May 4 2016

AOL changed up the standard NewFronts experience on Tuesday with its over-the-top presentation/block party for advertisers, press and consumers. 

Rather than just have executives discuss programming over sizzle reels, the tech giant decided to go all out. The theme was "AOL Access: A New Kind of NewFront" — the event was meant for everyone to experience.

- Mashable, May 4 2016

AOL has a message for advertisers: It is open. The company, which was acquired by Verizon last year, is not only open for business, but it literally opened its NewFront event to the public and to brands it doesn't own or operate. AOL took over the South Street Seaport on Tuesday night for a block-party-style NewFront that showcased talent and content from brands such as Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Maker, alongside partners like the National Football League and Hearst.

- Advertising Age, May 4 2016
AOL is taking its NewFront from the stage to New York City streets. Instead of a one-size-fits-all presentation, attendees will receive a curated experience based on their audience targets and interest. So if you are a technology brand, for example, you may want to spend more time at AOL's technology and autos activation, where you will be able to view content, meet talent and interact directly with brands like TechCrunch and Engadget.
- Advertising Age, Apr 5 2016