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AOL is unleashing a new breed of storytelling, taking the visual story to new limits and heights, breaking it from the confinement of one screen to cover off on many...delivering our content to consumers here, there and everywhere.

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Short, long, in-between; live, hourly, day-to-day. We’re developing video based on today’s consumer in every format, across every screen - doing what TV does best and unleashing what it can’t do. Stay tuned, there's more to come. 

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Apr 28 2015
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Apr 28 2015
Apr 23 2015
Apr 23 2015
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Apr 9 2015
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Mar 31 2015
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What is the big challenge marketers face: empowered consumers, fragmented media, exploding technology, or all of the above at once? I’ve never quite seen the gigantic shifts that we are seeing today happen so quickly.
- The Economist, Apr 27 2015

This year, AOL is all about live. Indeed, as the Web pioneer heads toward it fourth NewFront presentation on Tuesday, the company appears to have made a strategic programming shift. Rather than trying to out-TV with a slate of cable-like original series or celebrity lifestyle projects, AOL is all cranking out lots of live and scheduled daily programming.

- The Wall Street Journal, Apr 27 2015

In a crowded field, digital giant hopes to find and fill a niche: Yannis Pappas, comedian-turned-host of one of AOL's new sports video programs called 2 Point Lead, is sitting in a reception area-turned-makeshift-set in the middle of AOL's New York headquarters. He's whipping line-drive questions at Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo faster than a pitching machine set to high speed, while a crew tapes the interview.

- AdWeek, Apr 26 2015

Derek Jeter hung up his glove last September, ending a legendary 20-season baseball career with the Yankees. He's since embarked on a new path: publisher of The Players' Tribune, a portal for athletes to share their thoughts and experiences. We spoke to The Captain about the motivations for creating his new outlet, why video is important to the publication, what to expect from it and why he's happy staying off-camera in this new venture.

- Adweek, Apr 26 2015

Over the next two weeks, some of the biggest Internet companies and publishers will showcase their original programming in an annual attempt to attract advertising dollars. The events, taking place in New York under the banner of the Digital Content NewFronts, are equal parts sales pitch and festival. This year, they are also something else: crowded.

- The New York Times, Apr 26 2015
AOL will deliver its Digital Content NewFronts presentation on Tuesday evening, and reps for the tech player told Adweek that roughly 50 percent of its two-hour showcase will focus on mobile.
- Adweek, Apr 24 2015

OTT services like Now and Sling TV are undeniably evolving to handle the growing shift of consumer behavior to consume content wherever and whenever they want. In many ways, the connected TV/OTT device market is evolving in parallel.

- MediaPost, Apr 24 2015
Since NewFronts is coming up next week, we figured we’d revisit some of the best series that were announced at the event last year. Now showing on The New York Times, AOL, Hulu, Yahoo, and Vice News, these series mean that this year’s NewFronts have a lot to live up to. If publishers manage it, we’ll have some great web series to look forward to this later this year.
- VideoInk , Apr 22 2015

AOL has partnered with GroupM Entertainment in the UK to work on a new series for AOL On. The two companies are looking to a handful of production companies to come up with ideas for a series that’s AOL-appropriate. Whatever the project ends up being, it will be fully funded by GME, who will also co-produce the series. 

- Videoink, Apr 16 2015

"We are moving from a NewFront season to a NewFront year," said Allie Kline, CMO of AOL Advertising. "The notion that anything in our media ecosystem is going to be fixed by time, consumers have broken that up."

- AdAge, Apr 13 2015

AOL will begin distributing Fox Sports video content, including game highlights and material from @TheBuzzer, Garbage Time and Fox Sports Digital Originals, the companies announced in an AOL blog post this morning.

- Deadline Hollywood, Apr 1 2015

AOL will now distribute select game highlights and video from Fox Sports shows including @TheBuzzer and Garbage Time. The pact bolsters AOL's sports content as the company looks to build out distribution and original programming in that category with partnerships such as one with Derek Jeter's "The Players' Tribune."

- The Hollywood Reporter, Apr 1 2015

AOL is set to debut “2 Point Lead,” an original sports-comedy series aimed at millennial audiences, hosted by stand-up comedian Yannis Pappas.

- Variety, Apr 1 2015

AOL today unveiled a multi-year video content partnership with Fox Sports. The new deal includes original Fox Sports digital properties like @TheBuzzer and Garbage Time, game highlights and the potential for co-produced content around tentpole sporting events, including the Olympics and the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup.

- Adweek, Apr 1 2015

AOL will give a sneak peek of “Connected,” its first longform original series, to users of Roku devices starting Tuesday. The teaser strategy leads up to the show’s official March 31 launch.

- Variety, Mar 23 2015

AOL's Dermot McCormack advises Upfront presenters to grasp content's kingdom is changing; technology is the vehicle, and content is the fuel. We are, at our core, storytellers—and storytellers we remain, regardless of the medium or screen.

- Adweek, Mar 18 2015

Spurlock, who previewed his new docudrama "Connected" at SXSW in Austin has said digital players give filmmakers more freedom and help increase the quality of content. "What I love about what digital entertainment has done is that they've given real creative freedom to folks like myself who are doing really groundbreaking stuff."

- Hollywood Reporter, Mar 14 2015

Technology companies including AOL, Yahoo and Inc. are investing in comedies, dramas and documentaries at the same time shrinking live TV audiences are forcing media giants like CNN's parent, Time Warner Inc., to offer their shows more widely online.

- Bloomberg, Mar 13 2015

AOL will launch their first ever long-form digital series, "Connected," on March 31.

- Entertainment Weekly, Mar 2 2015