Take a Consumer-First Approach to Video

May 17 2016

Take a Consumer-First Approach to Video

To guide you through the chaos that is today’s digital video landscape, we’re giving you open access to AOL’s 3 step strategy to simplifying your video campaigns. In part one, we established open partnerships as essential video investments that work now and into the future. Next, we’re diving into the concept of consumer centered video.

“It’s not an advertisement anymore. It’s finding a solution to their problem or finding something we can give them to solve for a need in their life. And we can do so with the data we have.”
Katie King, Marketing Manager, Allstate

Consumers are all in with premium video. In today’s age of digital empowerment, everyone has the tools to create and share their own content right from their mobile device. However, this hasn’t diminished their desire for professionally produced digital video. At an overwhelming majority, 83% of people watch premium online video once a week or more.1

Whether it’s for the big screen or the small screen, viewers expect a certain level of quality when it comes to video, and online video is no exception. Consumers want original digital video to be produced well - even as high as TV standards - and they expect to watch skilled actors.1

Advertisers must ensure the quality of production of the video programs they purchase meets viewers’ expectations. At AOL, we develop video that is professionally produced by renowned studios and feature skilled talent, whether that’s recognizable faces like Jared Leto or the beloved talent embedded within our premium brands including Engadget, HuffPost, TechCrunch and more. However, not only must the quality of production be high, but also the quality of the concepts. We use data to inform our content slate based on a deep understanding of what our audiences want using consumer insights and CMS analysis. This means our programming isn’t determined by random ideas of what might work, but instead is rooted in knowledge about our endemic audience.

The concept of data-driven and consumer-centric creation applies similarly for video advertising. In today’s landscape, consumers have more control than ever, making relevancy and perceived value of a brand’s message critical for viewers. No longer can advertisers rely on solely self-serving promotional ads; consumers expect more value, whether that value translates into practical information, novelty, or pure entertainment.2

With a deep understanding of audience needs and values for video content, advertisers can align with the premium content viewers want and develop video ads that better resonate in order to drive KPIs.

Take a consumer-first approach to video. Contact your AOL Sales Representative to schedule a full review of AOL’s NewFront slate today.


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