Open ACCESS to AOL’s Approach for Simplifying Video

May 9 2016

Open ACCESS to AOL’s Approach for Simplifying Video

Each year the digital video landscape becomes more and more complex, and 2016 is no exception. With 78% of the global population watching online video at least weekly, and 9 in 10 video advertisers shifting dollars from linear TV to digital, the stakes are high for brands to make the right video decisions to drive measurable results1,2. Meanwhile, as video continues to be the format of choice for consumers, publishers and platforms are rapidly launching new programs and offerings in market, leaving brands in a whirlwind of video choices to navigate through.

With the rapid pace of digital video innovation, advertisers are asking what they need to know now to take control of their video buys and set themselves up for success today and into the future. To help guide you through this chaos, we are giving you ACCESS to AOL’s 3 step approach to conquering digital video today.

As advancements in technology continue to emerge, the video ecosystem becomes less straightforward. The space where TV used to dominate is currently in flux, making it increasingly difficult for creators and distributors to connect with audiences today, and for consumers to discover and enjoy content. Traditional distributors have dwindling audiences leading to declining revenue, creators and brands are losing relevancy and finding it harder to effectively engage today’s digital dominant audience.

Meanwhile, some players in the space are building up their walled gardens, taking advertisers’ data and hoarding it within their ecosystem, profiting further off without providing you with the benefits of those insights. While there are those who focus on enhancing their own walled gardens, AOL is committed to unleashing advertiser success. We know advertisers prefer open partnerships - 80% of brands want complete ownership of their data, content and technology3 - and we’ve dedicated our business to align. An open ecosystem gives advertisers access to the premium partners and the tech tools that are modular, flexible and easily integrate with others. For video, this means an openness to content and distribution partnerships outside of our walls to reach consumers with the video content they want, where they want.

With this open model, distributors have an opportunity to deliver content in a way audiences today prefer - digital and mobile - and access to all types of content consumers enjoy. Creators also find access to their fans again, making deeper, more immediate connections and integrating seamlessly within culturally relevant experiences. Brands have the option to partner with a multitude of premium partners all at once, and the scale needed to cut through the clutter today to make a true impact.

Looking into the future, 53% of advertisers agree that TV, digital video, and OTT should be combined into one overall video budget. A holistic video approach needs an open model to fuel it. Advertisers must look to open partners now to set up for video success in 2016 and beyond.

Want to activate your open video strategy? Contact your AOL Sales Representative to schedule a full review of AOL’s NewFront slate today.


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