A New Perspective on Partnerships for NewFronts

May 2 2016

A New Perspective on Partnerships for NewFronts

One of my biggest marketing epiphanies occurred to me 40,000 feet above the ground, in an airplane lavatory. Sitting ever-so-naturally on the sink basin was a bottle of Method soap, one of my favorite brands (my house is stocked with it). Surely I had never noticed any brands on any other flights. Back on solid ground, I got to researching and realized that this unexpected partnership had been huge for Method, catapulting them into the public eye; and great for Virgin America, who wholeheartedly embraced their association with the eco-friendly and hip home product line, even producing a catchy in-flight safety video. Soap, airline, who would have thought?

This NewFront season, unexpected but strategic partnerships will be the new trail to blaze, and will unlock previously unimagined value for brands looking to really stand out. There is not one single brand that could possibly meet each individual consumer’s needs. The consumer really is the one in control of our strategy, as today’s viewer expects innovative experiences, they are tired of being talked at and should now be part of the conversation...

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