Mobile Will Drive Programmatic Spend

Jan 6 2017

Mobile Will Drive Programmatic Spend

This article originally appeared in GeoMarketing on December 9, 2016

AOL’s Chief Mobile Officer, Mark Connon, shares his perspective on the future of mobile programmatic.

“The programmatic landscape has seen a lot of change over the last year. The shift towards mobile programmatic has been one of the biggest developments. For years mobile programmatic had been slow to scale. In 2016 it finally hit its stride as spend grew by 66 percent – well above the rate for desktop. Advertisers are finally shifting away from desktop as buys have reached critical mass, focusing efforts more on mobile.

It’s an exciting time. From a data perspective, mobile programmatic offers massive potential. Mobile devices rarely leave our side, and therefore rank among our most personal. As a result, marketers have access to a wealth of intelligence about users to facilitate the targeting and optimization of messaging, offers, creative, and more. One-to-one marketing is all about reaching the right consumer at the right time in the right context and with the right message — mobile programmatic supports this like no other medium.

Next year expect mobile programmatic growth to exceed desktop growth at an even higher clip. It will be the key driver for programmatic. Mobile video will also push that forward, as more inventory becomes available to programmatic platforms.”

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