Live Video Will Dominate

Jan 6 2017

Live Video Will Dominate

Live video is here to stay — and grow. In 2016 we saw the true rise of live video but we can expect that 2017 will truly be the year that brands recognize live video as the most popular video platform. Research says that 39 percent of advertisers and publishers are already looking to live video to be among the largest revenue drivers in 2017 compared to all new video formats.

A new study shows just how audiences are engaging with live video and what they expect from this coveted platform this year. Check out the five stats that explains where live video is headed:

74% of consumers watch live videos at least once a week
This number will grow in 2017 and advertisers will look for ways to reach live audiences. Platforms will find ways to monetize live video streaming and new ad formats will become available within live video environments.

47% of consumers expect to watch more live videos in 2017 compared to 2016
More consumers will get comfortable going live this year and we’ll see an explosion in live video content. But it’s not just about real-time access. Consumers are increasingly drawn to authentic and interactive online experiences.

74% of consumers watch live video content on their smartphone
Mobile changed online video behavior, and it’s fueling the live video revolution, too. A majority of consumers are tuning in on their smartphones over other devices — 2x more than on connected TV devices.

62% of consumers expect to watch more videos online in 2017 compared to 2016
That number jumps to 69 percent for millennials. The popularity of video will continue to rise, and both advertisers and publishers plan to increase their investments in video this year. The growth of live video will add to this growth.

More than 50% of consumers will tune out of a video after experiencing two buffering interruptions
A full 79 percent say goodbye after three buffering interruptions. It’s up to both advertisers and publishers to create a better video experience by making sure the technology supporting can deliver exactly what audiences want: live, uninterrupted video.

50% of consumers discover online videos through their social media feeds
Publishers fully embraced text-overlay in 2016, leading to the rise in video views and shares on social media. This stat reminds us that distribution platforms continue to change the way consumers engage with content each year.

See the trends shaping 2017 and learn how you can drive your video strategy forward.

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