How Brands Help You Find the Perfect Gift

Nov 29 2016

How Brands Help You Find the Perfect Gift

The holidays are here, which means gift-giving season is in full swing. But before your loved ones unwrap the goodies you so carefully chose for them, you need to find those perfect presents. And “find” is the exact moment that all shoppers are in while they’re researching gifts, according to our Content Moments research.

In the “find” moment — one of eight moments consumers experience while engaging with content — we found that people are motivated to seek an answer, whether that’s generating a new idea or hunting down a present. To simplify the shopping experience, brands create content that can help make the process easier, quicker and sometimes even save shoppers some cash.

Brands like Engadget and TechCrunch embrace the “find” mindset by doing the “finding” for you. Their detailed, tested and exhaustively researched gift guides help Mom find the right gaming console for Junior, help Dad pick the right fitness tracker for Mom, and every scenario in between. In addition to their gear-focused gift guides, these brands offer up shopper-centric lifehacks, like which smartphone apps can help beat the shopping crowds.

Check out these 11 examples of the “find” moment in action across our AOL brands.