Data Opens New Doors

Jan 6 2017

Data Opens New Doors

Here's what you can expect in 2017:

1. We will see greater adoption of truly unified measurement models that make systematized connections between market-level data and consumer-level data.

The success of a unified approach will depend on four key factors:

  • Data Quality: Marketers must take a person-centric data approach that is able to automatically troubleshoot data ingestion to prevent a garbage-in garbage-out model.
  • Solid Math Foundations: Slapping together two biased models (MMM+MTA) will not yield accurate, to-scale results.
  • Activation: For marketers to effectively act against their measurement analytics, attribution platforms must strike the chord between delivering insights with speed and accuracy. More providers will be integrating attribution and programmatic data management into ONE system, so they may act on recommendations in real time.
  • Service: There will be no true self-service when it comes to attribution, and any company that claims that will be a niche player. Strategic level of service is paramount; marketers should seek hands-on technical and analytical support to drive accuracy, yet should be cautious of paying for headcount rather than insights

2. The attribution and AdTech space will only continue to become more complex, further increasing the need for strong data partnerships. While AdTech/MarTech consolidation will continue to improve analytic reach, no one vendor will be expected to track all inputs natively.  To solve for this, vendors must have the relationships and technological pipes in place for swift and flexible data integrations.

3. Location data will become fundamental to understanding consumer behavior for a wide variety of industries like CPG, retail, auto, financial.  For attribution, geo-location data is and will be central to contextualizing the customer journey. By determining accurate location and overlaying this against the customer journey, marketers can truly understand what’s happening both online and offline.

For example, marketers can infer that a user is buying at a brick and mortar retail store because he/she has a habit of going there every month. These insights can only be obtained by getting highly precise, highly granular location data which Verizon and AOL have and an attribution company like Convertro can utilize.

4. The industry will move beyond discussing the value of proprietary data alone, and will start talking about data as it pertains to building a holistic picture of consumer behaviors.  Proprietary data offers venders a clear advantage, but it’s up to the industry to make good use of the data available.

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