VOTE: Wanamaker Place Awards

Sep 11 2013

VOTE: Wanamaker Place Awards

The address that AOL calls home is a vestige of one of the greatest brands in the history of retail: Wanamaker’s department stores. Our portfolio of premium ads, The Wanamaker Place Project, recognizes the legacy of John Wanamaker and his ability to provide real value to his customers while dazzling them with an exceptional experience.

These remarkable ads push creative execution into the realm of true brand communication, telling bolder and more beautiful stories while promoting a consumer experience that would make John Wanamaker himself proud.

It is in this spirit that we’ve chosen to award those clients that have been dedicated to innovation leveraging these products with The Wanamaker Place Awards. The Wanamaker Place Awards recognize our partners whose creative work truly exemplifies this distinctive type of customer-focused innovation.

That's where you come in: We want your vote! Vote for your favorite ads in these 5 categories: brand interaction, cross-screen, native, branded entertainment, and visual impact.

Also, get the word out:

VOTE: AOL's #WanamakerPlace Awards are now open for voting on @Adweek. Choose your favorite ads in all 5 categories:


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