Video Buzz: The Latest Tech Series For Male Consumers

Jun 8 2016

Video Buzz: The Latest Tech Series For Male Consumers

Male consumers live and breathe tech. In fact, 66% of men online agree technology is a personal passion of theirs.1 Men are not only passionate about technology, but highly engaged with tech content as well. Approximately 59% of men online consume tech content once a week or more.1 So for advertisers looking to make an impact with the male audience, that means tech is one of the best ways to connect directly with them. 

With a deep understanding of our endemic male audiences, we created content that is fueled by consumer insights. Get to know AOL’s newest tech video programs male audiences will love:

TechCrunch’s Man vs. The Machine
New technological advances have catapulted AI (Artificial Intelligence) into everyday life. We are at a tipping point where machines may replace humans at many important tasks—but are they better? See who comes out on top.

Engadget’s World’s Most Dangerous Unboxings
One of the most popular features on Engadget, unboxings get exponentially more awesome when they're staged in some insanely dangerous places, like on a zero-G plane, on the hood of a Ferrari, or in a shark cage.

TechCrunch’s Bitcoin: Digital Gold?
Few wild ideas lit up the tech scene quite like Bitcoin, with its promise to sideline central banks, establish a global currency, and even bring world peace. Host and author Nathaniel Popper guides viewer through the evolution of the digital currency and what the future could hold.

The Huffington Post’s Beyond the Horizon Directed By Jared Leto - Season 2
In this in-depth interview series, Academy Award winning actor, musician, director and entrepreneur Jared Leto focuses on the future of humanity with the world’s most interesting visionaries in science, art, technology and politics.

TechCrunch’s The Down Round
For most of the past decade, business in Silicon Valley had been booming. But what goes up must come down. We look at the current climate of Silicon Valley, and discover what might come next.

Are you ready to engage with male consumers through the freshest tech video programs? Contact your AOL sales representative for more information and get a review of our full NewFronts slate


1 AOL Mega-Audience II, Fall 2015

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