The Video Attention Index: Measuring the Shifting Value of TV and OLV Advertising

Dec 5 2014

The Video Attention Index: Measuring the Shifting Value of TV and OLV Advertising

GRPs and impressions have been, and continue to be, the standard currency for advertisers to plan their TV and digital campaigns. However, the one measurement that these metrics cannot tell advertisers is if people are actually paying attention to the ads they are watching. AOL commissioned research from Nielsen to create the Attention Index, a new AOL metric that measures the shift in consumers’ attention and accounts for its impact on ad effectiveness.

According to Nielsen’s Managing Director, Digital, Andrew Feigenson, measuring attention is a growing priority for publishers and agencies alike. He says “Ad measurement is in a rapid state of evolution to accommodate the changing ways that consumers interact with content. Working with content developers like AOL to understand this evolution and ultimately measure it is a tremendous priority for Nielsen. The ability to understand consumer interaction with advertising beyond just whether or not the ad was viewed and into the new frontier of attentive or distracted viewing is a critical component of advertising success.”

When consumers are distracted, advertising pays the price. Distracted video viewing dramatically impacts advertising effectiveness from ad recall to persuasion (e.g. likeability, intent). On average, when people are distracted by a device, their ad recall decreases by 43% points. When a viewer is distracted by another person, their recall sinks even further, decreasing by 52% points.

Ads on TV are the most impacted by distractions, with a lower recall and decreased ability to persuade consumers. Multi-tasking and distracted viewing is most prevalent while people are watching TV, and therefore, more impressions, and investment, are needed to have a similar impact on brand metrics in TV environments vs. that of OLV.




This is even more dramatic when you look at Millennials:




Or Women:




Or when accounting for DVR and ad skipping:




To create the “Attention metric” we underwent multiple phases of research. We talked to nearly 3000 consumers through in-home ethnographies, quantitative surveys, and in-person ad lab testing at the CBS Interactive labs in Las Vegas. All of these components were then put together into the below formula. This is not a static metric; it is a living tool that can create this metric based on demo (18-34, 35+, Male, Female) for ad skipping, and across different content types and devices. By adopting this new Attention Index from AOL, advertisers will be able to better optimize their TV and digital video media plans based on the true impact of ads, and, by default, calculate the true cost of their communication plans.

Read more about the Attention Index on VentureBeat. Or, download the infographic.











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