The Reimagined Value Chain in Video

Nov 30 2015

The Reimagined Value Chain in Video

As advances in technology continue to emerge, the media ecosystem becomes less straightforward. The space where TV used to dominate is currently in flux, making it increasingly difficult for creators and distributors to connect with audiences today, and for consumers to discover and enjoy content. Distributors have dwindling millennial audiences which leads to declining revenue, creators and brands are losing relevancy and finding it harder to effectively engage this audience, and consumers themselves are frustrated with the lengths they go to for the content they love. This broken value chain in video is forcing everyone from creators to consumers to rethink the way they produce, distribute, and consume video content. To rebuild this chain, new innovations in video, like go90, are redefining the ecosystem by creating an environment that aligns with how millennials consume content today – mobile-first and socially integrated. Find out how.

Distributors have an opportunity to deliver content in a way millennials prefer – on a mobile device.
Distributors are finding a drop in their millennial viewership, leading to declining revenue. Millennials are increasingly watching videos on other devices, cutting into the time they spend watching on TV. In fact, they are spending one third of their total TV time on online sources.1 New mobile-first innovations allow distributors to deliver their video content in a way millennials prefer – on a mobile device. Since 70% of millennials view video on mobile first, these types of video platforms make the best vehicle for distributors to get millennials’ eyes on their video content instantaneously.1

Creators, including brands, are supplied with the tools needed to create deeper connections with their audience.
Creators find themselves losing relevancy and engaging less meaningfully with millennials as this audience embraces other forms of watching video, which is less often on a TV and more often on a mobile device. Creators need to find these viewers again and make a connection wherever they are, not just on TV, to invoke a sense of purpose among the demographic. New innovations in video allow for that immediate connection. Actress Zoe Saldana says about go90, “I almost feel like I’m having beautiful intimate conversations with people whose faces I will never know. I love that instant messaging connection.”

Additionally, through these platforms, creators have the opportunity to fully integrate with culturally relevant experiences. VICE’s Chief Strategy Officer, Spencer Baim, says, “If you have nothing interesting to say as a brand then you’re just a product, so you need to find what that interesting thing is and tie it to culture in some way and move culture forward. It’s about being relevant – today it’s a battle for cultural relevance.” These types of platforms in video give creators direct access to the millennial audience by surrounding the content they love on a device they prefer. 

Consumers have access to easy-to-discover-and-share content in one platform.
Consumers are finding it more difficult to find great content and further engage with that content via social sharing. In fact, 37% of millennials desire fewer steps between content selection and the moment of viewing. They want to access all the content they desire without speed and quality being affected.1 The latest innovations in video curation allow audiences to easily discover the content they want in one place, alleviating the frustration of bouncing between different apps and platforms. Millennials are also looking to further engage with video, with 67% using mobile to share content.2 Platforms that integrate social features along with aggregating content make it easy for them to share the videos they discover.

Technological advances that disrupt the media ecosystem are forcing distributors, creators and consumers to adapt to a reimagined value chain in video. Through new innovations that leverage today’s technology to align with how people consume content in the digital age, all parties can benefit.

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