March Madness Means Mobile Madness

Mar 15 2016

March Madness Means Mobile Madness

It’s tournament time folks, and to paraphrase legendary commentator Dick Vitale, it’s going to be madness baby! The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is always filled with upsets, surprises, busted brackets, and must see moments that have consumers streaming games on their mobile devices so they don’t miss a single shot. Mobile devices have changed the way video is being consumed, for both programming and sporting content, and this shift has advertisers adjusting their playbooks.

Millennials are the generation leading the charge down the court on mobile video, with over 90% penetration of millennial internet users viewing mobile video. Millennials are both shifting their game to mobile video and second-screening. According to research by AOL, 79% of U.S. millennials watch video on their smartphone nearly every day of the week. As these consumers continue to age and have their own families, the generations behind them will further diversify their viewing habits, shifting away from traditional television and trend more towards video. This presents challenges and opportunities for advertisers.

The biggest slam dunk is more eyeballs. More screens, content, and viewers means more possibilities for advertisers looking to get their messages in front of the right consumers. Our State of the Video Industry report outlines great tactics for advertisers to better utilize video and where specific bright spots are. For example, mobile video budgets have increased 18% since 2014. However, as our infographic on Video Ad Attention shows, about 44% of the time consumers are viewing video of any kind on any device, they are distracted, kind of like referees. Creating engaging video ads helps counteract this.

Mobile both complements TV viewing, through concurrent messages, but also competes for attention and mindshare while the game is on. AOL’s e-book on branded video is a comprehensive playbook for advertisers to overcome these video challenges and create custom content campaigns.

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