The Barbell

Aug 1 2013

Chief Marketing Officer, AOL Advertising

The Barbell

At AOL we see the web as a balancing act between scale and context, performance and branding, visual impact and ROI response. The explosion of technology, content and publisher creativity has resulted in nearly innumerable options for brand and performance investment - at the same time it has created a vast and fragmented ecosystem, one that trades on confusion while orbiting on "features" instead of platform driven benefits.

As the 6th largest digital publisher, the 2nd largest video platform along with the most comprehensive end to end tech stack, we believe in strength and balance between platforms, formats, properties and screens. We know that CEOs and CMOs of today need their digital marketing to drive branding and high ROI. Leading marketers are balancing the ability to maximize one medium to drive complex offers and create connection between consumers and their brands. So are we.

At AOL, we believe in premium consumer experiences created through content and advertising. We believe in powerful and high performing advertising achieved via brand and technology platforms. This is our barbell.

We balance leading brands, smart, curated voices on properties such as TechCrunch, Huffington Post, StyleList, with sophisticated technology solutions, AOP and Pictela. We enable brands to leverage both, through scaled, premium environments like AOL On, AOL Networks and The net results are strong, scaled solutions for brands that yield results and foster connection and impact.

We believe there is an intense trend and need for consolidation of digital marketing strategies to evolve from a non-scalable one-off feature mindset to a premium platform driven approach across content and technology. AOL is at the forefront of this trend and our commitment is to continue to lead the creation of comprehensive solutions for brands that drive both brand impact and ROI.


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