Stacked Ads

Graphical content ads (tiered/stacked ads): Marketers promoting separate products/services or companies in a tiered/stacked format that may or may not include different landing pages and points of purchase, within the same ad unit are not allowed. For example, Best Buy would be allowed to run an ad promoting multiple products offered, assuming there is a consistent theme and product offering, at their retail store or online. This restriction only applies to standard banner ads, not to native ads that are approved by the Oath Ad Policy team to have stacked content.

Product and Price Images: In ads with multiple product offerings, images must be consistent in quality, theme and relevance to each other.

Acceptable imagery examples include: Florists showing images of multiple bouquets; retailers showing images relevant to the theme of the campaign (i.e. beach wear images in a 4th of July Sale ad or multiple images of clothing from a specific designer).

Microsoft: Unacceptable use of product/price imagery would include presenting a bracelet, shoes, tablets and bed sheets within one ad.