News, Blog and Product Review Formats


Advertisements and landing pages that mimic a news format or otherwise try to hide their commercial nature are not acceptable.

Text or images, (whether on the display ad, landing page, or both), that are utilized to make a user believe that they are viewing coverage from a newspaper or TV news report are not acceptable. (Examples: text such as Breaking News, Shocking News, Live from WABC News, Consumer News Consumer Alerts; images of newscasters; names and logos that mimic major media outlets; and/or investigative-sounding headlines.)


Oath will accept, at our sole discretion, advertising from companies where the landing page includes blog/journal style articles, if the advertiser complies with the following guidelines:

  • Makes all disclosures regarding their relationship with their clients clear and conspicuous by placing them where consumers are likely to look on Web pages, by labeling disclosures (and links to them) to indicate their importance and relevance, and by using easy-to-read fonts and colors.
  • All links on the landing pages work and are accurately labeled.
  • User reviews, comments, and testimonials are truthful and not misleading.
  • Works with advertisers that comply with Oath’s Negative Option Marketing guidelines.
  • Is in good standing with any of the various business ratings organizations (e.g., Better Business Bureau (BBB)).

General Guidelines for landing pages:

  • Offer expiration dates that update automatically are not acceptable.
  • Advertorial content must have at least 2 prominent disclosures: "Advertisement" or "Advertorial" in all capital letters at the very top center of the page and "Sponsored Content Provided By [insert name of product or advertiser]" below the nav bar.
  • All links must work as labeled.  For example, links to comments, email, Facebook, and other “content” categories cannot lead directly to the offer page. 
  • Misrepresentations (express, implied, or by omission) that comments express the views of independent consumers are unacceptable.
  • Tactics such as misrepresenting the location of any person depicted in the advertisement or website when such location is actually determined by the use of geo-location information provided by a user’s IP address are unacceptable (e.g., claims that a person depicted on the website is “a stay-at-home mom from Dulles, VA,” when “Dulles, VA” changes based on the location of the user).

The following words are not allowed in the url, creative, or landing page: 

  • Consumer Alert(s)
  • Shocking
  • Exposed
  • Report(s)
  • News
  • Headline(s)

 The following cannot appear on the landing page: 

  • Weather reports
  • Market ticker
  • Images or videos of newscasters
  • False endorsements of the product (e.g., by celebrities or medical professionals)


With the exception of pre-approved native ads implementations, advertisements and landing pages that may be considered faux blogs, articles, press releases, false product reviews or that simulate editorial or content sites are not acceptable. Advertorial ads with text or images that are utilized to make a user believe that they are viewing editorial/news coverage are prohibited (e.g., Breaking News, Shocking discovery, Special Report, Consumer News, Consumer Alerts, etc.).