Mail Sign-in & Send Confirmation Policies

The policies herein apply to ads that appear on the AOL Mail sign-in and Send Mail Confirmation pages.


  • All creatives and messaging should be suitable for a mass audience.
  • All creatives must have prominent branding with clear attribution and/or logo.
  • All key messaging and the call to action must be located within the determined 750x650 area of the page.
  • Creative elements should not be designed under or around the sign-in module. The

sign-in module is in a fixed placement and cannot be altered.

General Guidelines for Text:

  • Attention grabbing mechanisms, including text unrelated to the nature of the product being advertised. Words and phrases including “Shocking”, “Breaking News”, “Special Report”, “Alert”, “Stop!”, “Consumer Alert”, "Weird Trick" and “HATE” are not acceptable.
  • Words and phrases that insinuate a user’s computer has been compromised (e.g., references to a breach, malware, spyware, being spied on, etc.) are not acceptable.
  • Masked vulgarity (e.g., “Huge A** Savings Today”) is not acceptable.
  • Disparaging language is not acceptable.
  • Language intimating that use of the advertised product or service will help avoid compliance with a law or promote illegal activity is not acceptable.
  • Language that pertains to bodily functions (e.g., references to bathrooms, urine, etc.) is not acceptable.
  • False or misleading claims are not acceptable. Claims must not overstate the product's effectiveness or the services ability to reach the intended goal. Words and phrases including cure, safe, remove, etc. are not acceptable.
  • Inconsistent offers are not acceptable. All offers presented must be consistent with the offers presented on the corresponding landing pages. All offers presented must correlate to the images being presented as part of the same advertisement.

General Guidelines for Images:

  • Images must be in good taste and serve to enhance a user’s experience.
  • Images cannot look like user generated content or photos taken with a personal camera.
  • Images must be photographic in nature and may not look cartoony.
  • Images must be of high resolution/good quality. Loud, clashing colors, poor resolution, intrusive, and/or high-annoyance design elements will not be accepted. Blurry, cluttered and/or hard to read images will not be accepted.
  • Images cannot be distorted and/or upside down or sideway orientation.
  • Before and after images are not acceptable.
  • Images cannot contain explicit or gratuitous sexuality (e.g., images focusing on women in form-fitting clothing, men with bare chests, etc.).
  • Images must be up-to-date making them feel timely and representative of the present.
  • Faux functionality is not acceptable. All creative elements that appear clickable must be clickable.

Specific Guidelines for Images:

  • Dating ads are not acceptable.
  • Images of food (including fruits or vegetables) must be clearly referenced in the correlating copy and/or on the landing page.
  • Cleavage is acceptable if: a) the person is clearly 18+, b) there is no disembodiment, c) it is not coupled with a sexual innuendo in the tagline, and d) the breasts are not the focus of the advertisement.
  • Disembodiment: Advertisements that use images which focus on specific body parts or use exaggerated body parts to gain attention are not acceptable. Models should be shown in complete form including their head. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Images must be complete and not cut off (e.g., a full image of a person’s face and head).
  • Images must contain a subject facing forward not an up close view from behind. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Images must contain a subject wearing clothing including covering shoulders (straps are acceptable).
  • Religious symbols are not acceptable.
  • Graphics images containing gore are not acceptable. Weapons cannot be presented in a violent or threatening manner.
  • Testosterone: Advertising for testosterone boosters is acceptable so long as the creatives do not have images of a) men and woman together in situations or poses that appear sexual in nature, b) women in sexually suggestive poses, attire, and/or situations, c) give the impression that the couple is going to engage in sexual relations, and/or d) are being used to make the user think the main benefit of the product is to enhance their sexual performance. Creatives must use images and text that tout the benefits of using testosterone to increase energy and overall health and well-being only. Images must show the subject partaking in healthful activity.
  • The depiction of drug abuse, implied drug abuse or the perception of encouraging drug use is unacceptable. This includes images of pills, pill bottles, and paraphernalia even if the actual image is of a supplement or herbal remedy. The depiction of drugs and/or paraphernalia is acceptable for promotions of drug related news and anti-drug content only.
  • All political advertisements must include their “Paid for by” disclosure above the fold in a minimum of size 10px.
  • Political advertisements can only run twice per week on nonconsecutive days.