"FREE," use of the word

The word “free” is recognized as a strong inducement in advertising copy.  An offer may be described as “free” provided that all conditions for obtaining the “free” product or service are clearly and conspicuously disclosed.  Advertising must comply with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines concerning “free” offers, which may be found at FTC Guidance on Free. Although compliance with FTC guidelines is required, it does not equate to compliance with Oath advertising policies. 

Specifically, if a product or service in a promotion or advertising creative is described as “free,” and the consumer must meet certain conditions or make payments or purchases in order to receive the free item (e.g., paying shipping & handling fees, completing consumer surveys or providing personal information), the existence of those conditions must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in the advertisement and in close proximity to the offer.

All “free” offers must be reviewed and approved by the Oath Ad Policy team.

Please also refer to the section NEGATIVE OPTION MARKETING for related information.