False/Misleading Claims

False or misleading claims are not acceptable.  Advertisers may be asked to provide third-party substantiation to support certain claims.

Offers for online technical support services; or any other online or phone based products or services may not falsely claim or imply affiliation with another business, government entity, manufacturer, or association.

All ad components must be accurate and relevant to the ultimate offer.

Landing pages must lead to a fully functional web page that renders properly on all devices.

Landing pages must directly relate to both the ad text and the product that is ultimately offered to consumers.

Don’t mislead users with the ad text, image or video, or the “sponsored by” label or any combination of the elements.

Images or videos must be relevant, recognizable, and appropriate to the advertised product. There should be a clear, simple, and logical link between the supplied image or video and the ad message to users.