Partner Studio by AOL creates personalised 360 degree VR video experience for Cadbury’s Buttons ‘Memory Lane’ Campaign

Aug 2 2016

Partner Studio by AOL creates personalised 360 degree VR video experience for Cadbury’s Buttons ‘Memory Lane’ Campaign

We're thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new Cadbury’s Buttons ‘Memory Lane’ campaign. The Partner Studio by AOL team of creative technologists, content creators and project managers collaborated closely with Mondelez, Dentsu Aegis Story Lab and Fallon, who were responsible for the creative idea, to build and bring to life this campaign. Centered around remembering 'shared moments of joy' between parents and their children, the campaign includes a first-ever personalised 360 degree VR video experience. 

The Partner Studio team is producing bespoke video, editorial and advertising content for these special shared family moments on AOL’s owned and managed properties, including a takeover of The Huffington Post UK’s Family Time channel. The campaign will tell the Cadbury’s Buttons story at scale through additional distribution across Microsoft’s online consumer brands MSN, Skype and, premium third party publishers through AOL’s BeOn long form video seeding, and the ONE by AOL programmatic platform.

Partner Studio worked with award-winning production agency MediaMonks to create the unique 360 degree VR video experience for the ‘Memory Lane’ campaign. People can upload family photos and names that are dynamically integrated into a 360 degree video to create their very own, personalised ‘Memory Lane’. Their family’s names and images appear throughout the VR environment on street signs, shop windows and more. Users can look around using their mobile phones or virtual reality devices to try and spot them all as they are moved through the experience.

The content and video experience is built using a mobile-first approach, with consumers able to use their mobile phone’s gyroscopic technology to view their bespoke video in full 360 degree surround and instantly share their experience with family and friends through social media. The video can also be viewed on almost any virtual reality device, meaning people can fully immerse themselves in their ‘Memory Lane’ digital experience. 

The VR experience was filmed on location at Trinity Road, Colchester using a custom built 360 degree camera system paired with a motion controlled dolly track. The camera was set to move at exactly 6.5 inches every second to create a moving environment for the user that would travel 10 metres along their own ‘memory lane’ over the course of a minute.

The street was filled with chroma plates (like green screens) which act as placeholders in the VR film. In a normal video, the chroma plates can be easily tracked via straight line markers, however, for a 360 degree film the plates had to be tracked via bespoke software which uses a spherical transform technique. These are then replaced “on the fly” with family names and photos.

Take a stroll down memory lane and experience this ground-breaking campaign yourself at

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