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Millennial Media Pre-Roll Video [3rd Party]


Similar to standard television commercials, these video ads play linearly prior to the consumer being able to access desired content, often other video content, resulting in high completion rates.

Spec Classification: 
Spec Placement: 
Millennial Media
Video File Type: 
Must be MP4 video file type
Video Aspect Ratio: 
Max Video File Weight: 
Video Time Restrictions/Length: 
:15 seconds to :30 seconds
Video Frames per Second: 
30fps preferred
Third Party Serving: 

VAST 2.0 only

Key Creative Guidelines: 
Assets Specifications
VAST Tag  
Version VAST 2.0 only
Length :15s to :30s
Format MP4 video file type
Video File Size 5 MB max
Encoding H.264
Bitrate 1200 kbit/s max
Ratio 16:9 preferred
Frame Rate 30fps preferred
Companion Banner N/A (not supported)

- Video Impressions
- Video Quartiles (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
- Multiple tracking pixels supported