Privacy policy

Effective September 15, 2014, the AOL Advertising Privacy Policy will be updated. To learn more about these updates, please review the updated Privacy Policy or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

At the privacy policy links listed to the left, you can read much more about how AOL Advertising and its ad serving divisions use information generated by our users. These policies include choices about how such information can be used.

AOL Advertising is in the process of creating a unified online advertising network and has launched a comprehensive privacy policy replacing the individual, Quigo, and TACODA privacy policies. While we continue to integrate the various brands comprising AOL Advertising, you may see references – on our websites, in our domain names, and in the names of the cookies we use to help customize your experience – to a number of service and brand names, such as:

  • AOL Behavioral Targeting (previously TACODA)
  • Sponsored Listings (previously Quigo, AdSonar, and AOL Sponsored Listings)

As we continue to integrate these brands and services under the AOL Advertising umbrella, our commitment to clear consumer notice will continue as well. Please check back periodically to review the most up-to-date policies and choices. To learn about opting out of AOL Advertising, click here.

AOL believes that providing relevant advertising improves your online experience, but must be done in a trustworthy manner. For more information about online advertising and important privacy and safety information, please visit the Digital Advertising Alliance and Network Advertising Initiative websites: