Without insight, data is nothing more than numbers on a page. AOL finds the patterns hidden in the reports, so that you can put the data to work for you.




Dec 14 2015
Content Marketing: Eight Ways Consumers Are Engaging With Digital Content Today And What It Means For Marketers

This whitepaper reveals the critical moments where consumers engage with digital content in order to shed light on a new approach to content marketing. Our research highlights specific consumer mindsets and corresponding topics and formats to enable more effective pre-campaign insight for content marketers.

Nov 9 2015
A Comprehensive Guide to Branded Video

In this mini eBook, you’ll learn the key solutions to help advertisers solve the top challenges in branded video.


Nov 2 2015
Unconditional Shopping

In this whitepaper, marketers will learn about the seven motivations driving all online shopping moments and how they empower brands to build digital campaigns that align with consumer needs.

Oct 22 2015
Enhanced Storytelling

In this whitepaper, AOL explores how programmatic creative can power immersive branded content and unveils how brands can make a greater impact with their audience.


Jul 21 2015
5 Reasons Why Mobile Video Works

Video advertising on mobile can be just as effective as on other screens—as long as it’s done right. Learn the 5 important findings from AOL’s latest research.

Jul 14 2015
The Alchemy of Connection

In AOL's latest white paper, learn the data-driven approach to creating, integrating and measuring effective content programs based on the industry’s largest normative database of content marketing results.

Apr 21 2015
Video Ad Attention Index

GRPs and impressions have been, and continue to be, the standard currency for advertisers to plan their TV and digital campaigns.

Dec 15 2014
AOL Morning Rituals

An in-depth look at how people start their day and in particular, how media and technology fit into their morning routines.

Dec 10 2014
AOL On + Video Network Maximizes ROI

Brands maximize ROI by combining AOL On's premium inventory with the scale of Video Network.

Aug 10 2014
Live Advertising Drives Buzz for New Product Launch

Custom integrations break through the noise, driving awareness & consideration for new products