Without insight, data is nothing more than numbers on a page. AOL finds the patterns hidden in the reports, so that you can put the data to work for you.

3D: Multi-Dimensional Multi-Platform

AOL's multi-platform study is an exploration into the value consumers place on multiple screens for both online content and advertising.

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AOL Big Mobile

Learn more about the state of mobile technology by examining how Moms, Entertainment Junkies and Techies use their phones, tablets and desktop devices.

Beyond the Selfie: Millennial Women & Generation Revolution

AOL takes an in-depth look at millennial women to debunk the media stereotypes and reveal them as today's cultural revolutionaries.

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Buying at Speed

This study uncovers how constant connectivity disrupts the notion of a traditional purchase journey and how technology and digital platforms empower and embolden shoppers today.

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Credit Card Acquisition

As part of our Path to Purchase series, AOL takes a look at the consumer mindset when considering, comparing and acquiring a new credit card.

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Idea Shift

As new technologies have changed our business, we've forgotten about the very thing that makes our business possible — the customer. How did this happen?

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Millennials #unfiltered

Millennials #unfiltered, AOL’s ongoing research initiative, delivers an unparalleled perspective on this rapidly evolving, uniquely digital audience.

Mobile Moms, Mobile First

New research explores why moms of young kids use their smartphones more than anyone else.

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Pictela Moat Study

The IAB Portrait ad unit outperforms standard size units. But how does it fare when compared to other large formats?

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Seven Shades of Mobile

Using pioneering research methods, AOL and BBDO have uncovered various insights that run counter to traditional views about the use of smartphones.

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Short-Form, Big Impact

Do consumers perceive ads appearing within short-form video differently from those appearing with long-form video? What we learned may surprise you.

Tablets of Change

Explore how tablets have fundamentally changed the ways people consume news, watch TV and shop – and the disruptive impact it’s having on traditional marketing.

The Reverse Auto Purchase Funnel

AOL and Compete & Polk matched car buyers to prominent online shopping actions taken before purchase, effectively mapping the funnel in reverse.