Without insight, data is nothing more than numbers on a page. AOL finds the patterns hidden in the reports, so that you can put the data to work for you.




Jul 11 2014
Making the Switch: Checking Path to Purchase

Learn how checking account switchers choose their bank and how brands can influence the decision.

Jun 18 2014
Custom Content

Learn the best practices in developing effective custom content, including native, video, and editorial.


Jun 10 2014
Finance Optimism Index

The CBA/AOL Finance Optimism Index tracks Americans’ level of optimism about their personal finances.

Jun 10 2014
Mobile for Market Research

As mobile continues to permeate consumers’ tech use, market researchers explore the use of mobile for data collection.

Jun 10 2014
Seasonal Insights

AOL’s tentpole studies uncover consumer behavior during key seasonal peaks for advertisers.

Jun 10 2014
Mega Audience Study

A comprehensive deep dive into 22 audiences across 9 categories reveals consumer online behavior, psychographics, ad effectiveness, and buying habits.

Jun 10 2014
Smartphone Path to Purchase

Learn how different types of smartphone shoppers evaluate brands, carriers & retailers to make their purchase decision.

Mar 31 2014
Beyond the Selfie: Millennial Women & Generation Revolution

AOL takes an in-depth look at millennial women to debunk the media stereotypes and reveal them as today's cultural revolutionaries.


Jan 16 2014
Buying at Speed

This study uncovers how constant connectivity disrupts the notion of a traditional purchase journey and how technology and digital platforms empower and embolden shoppers today.

Nov 5 2013
Credit Card Acquisition

As part of our Path to Purchase series, AOL takes a look at the consumer mindset when considering, comparing and acquiring a new credit card.