AOL is proud to present its new portfolio of premium ad formats, named for one of the greatest men in the history of retail, and whose New York storefront we now call home. Introducing The Wanamaker Place Project.

The Wanamaker Place Project Homepage

Showcase your brand on one of the world's largest stages, the Homepage. Take advantage of our high-impact formats in a unique and engaging environment. Homepage Formats
Video Wall

Make an unforgettable impact with a Super Video Wall on the Homepage. This expandabl... more

Cross-Screen Display Formats

With an expansion format portfolio including multiple IAB Rising Stars, our offerings are designed to engaged and engineered to perform.


These multi-screen formats are fully functional across desktop and tablet. When built in HTML5 technology, our ads ensure your consumers can interact with your brand content anywhere.

Cross-Screen Display Formats Formats

One of the first ad units to overthrow the tyranny of standa... more

IAB Rising Star
Digital Billboard

AOL’s Digital Billboard is 970x250 pixels of always-on digital messaging. Unlike standard ... more

IAB Rising Star

Halo is a slightly smaller version of the Devil unit. It’s capable of the same functionali... more


Keep your message top-of-mind at the top of the page. AOL’s new Loft banner anchors itself... more


Pushdown, an IAB Rising Star, is one of the most in-demand and highly adopted premium format... more

IAB Rising Star

Your customers are mobile, move there they move. AOL’s streamlined portfolio of mobile Premium Formats offer content-rich, interactive experiences that engage consumers with a broad range of innovative capabilities.


Built in HTML5 technology, our ads ensure your consumers can interact with your brand content anywhere.

Mobile Formats
Devil Full Page Flex

The Devil Full Page Flex serves as your main window to your mobile users. The unit works in ... more

IAB Rising Star
Mobile Interstitial

Mobile Interstitials are high impact units. T... more

Mobile Lightbox

High impact! The Mobile Lightbox makes a bold impression by becoming the central focus of th... more


Our native ad units allow clients to scale their content in formats that seamlessly flow into publishers’ site content. We can also help brands create shareable native content to increase visibility and drive social interaction.

Native Formats
HuffPost Native Brand Blog

Tap into the power of the HuffPost platform and establish a thought-leadership position on a... more

HuffPost Native Infographic

Create an engaging and visual representation of information or data with a custom Native Inf... more

HuffPost Native Listicle

The HuffPost Native Listicle aligns your brand messaging with relevant content in an easily ... more

HuffPost Native Lookbook

HuffPost Native Lookbook is great for brands that want to feature their products in a highly... more


We’ve pulled together the most interactive ad formats in the industry to give you effective ways to achieve your brand objectives from pre-roll and beyond. View more video ad formats on The AOL On Network site.

Video Formats
Slide & Skip

Win over consumers and ensure brand message exposure with this interactive video ad format. ... more

Spot On

Promote deep engagement with your branded content through this native advertising unit. When... more

Recent Executions

Voya Financial | AOL Homepages
Voya Financial | AOL Homepages
Format: Floating
Advertiser: Voya Financial
Vertical: Finance
Tags: homepage, tier 3, 300x600
Toyota | Engadget
Toyota | Engadget
Format: Devil
Advertiser: Toyota (Prius)
Vertical: Auto
Tags: 300x1050, premium format, Video, hot spot, 360 degree view, Pictela
Macy's | HuffPost Style
Macy's | HuffPost Style
Format: Filmstrip
Advertiser: Macy's
Vertical: Retail
Tags: 300x600, hot spot, gallery, Pictela, quiz