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When you use this browser to visit sites on the AOL Advertising Network, we use cookies to note your visits, make inferences about your interests, and display advertisements that are more relevant to your activities.

The AdVisibility™ profile viewer allows you to see how the information we collect about your visits within the AOL Advertising Network is categorized into interest segments we use to select the ads displayed. You can also view a list of our Standard Categories.

Our cookies assign a unique identifier to your browser, so no personally identifying information is sent to AOL Advertising, advertisers, or content providers.

If you do not want to receive relevant ads based on your AOL Advertising Network activities, you may opt-out using the button below. This opt-out process will set a new cookie on your browser to notify us of your opt-out preference. Please note that you will still receive ads; however, they will no longer be tailored based on your activities. If you use other computers or browsers, you will need to opt-out on those devices as well.

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To clear the interest data above, simply clear your cookies, or visit the Digitial Advertising Alliance Opt Out page by clicking the button above (note that you must refresh this page after opting out.) If you need help or have questions, you may contact us directly or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

If you would like to learn more about this process or about AOL Advertising's data collection practices, please visit our AOL Advertising Privacy page. For more information about online advertising and privacy, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative.